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In the center of the city stands out Grand Hotel Río Cuarto , the place that can be chosen for comfort, warmth and friendliness.

Grand Hotel Río Cuarto is a space in keeping with the times of those who go on a family outing, with the needs and location for those who come on business, to meet friends, to rest for athletes and healthy living, for those who are by the way and for everyone who chooses to know and live our beautiful city.

Being at Grand Hotel Río Cuarto it is possible to feel the tranquility and harmony of a community, as well as being in the center of the city. A historic and renovated Plaza Roca is integrated into the urban space.

Grand Hotel Río Cuarto has rooms equipped with everything necessary to offer a well-deserved rest. Single, twin, double, triple, quadruple rooms . Connected rooms and apartments for 4 or 5 passengers.

But in addition, Grand Hotel Río Cuarto invites you to visit its renovated Superior Suite .

Grand Hotel Río Cuarto has ample living spaces, a multipurpose room as well as a meeting room for different and creative business meetings.

Grand Hotel Río Cuarto is proud to belong to the tradition and history of this city. Where the culture, art and trades of daily life mark the pulse of Río Cuarto, we invite you to visit Our City.

Thank you for being at Grand Hotel Río Cuarto .


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Sobremonte 725/35 - Río Cuarto (CBA)
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