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Fourth quarter


The city of Río Cuarto is one of the fundamental centers for the cultural, industrial and social development of our country. And those of us who live in this beautiful city are proud to accompany this growth. Every day we intend to make our city a place of value and well-being with the desire that those who choose to visit us feel as well as we do.

Río Cuarto is modern and historic, serene and dynamic. Recently named Alternate Capital of the Province of Córdoba, it allowed the inauguration of the Bicentennial Civic Center, reaffirmation of institution and progress.

Río Cuarto is synonymous with Culture for the expressive diversity of its people, for its artistic sensitivity and for its manifestations that make history such as the centenary Municipal Theater, the Regional Historical Museum, the numerous cultural centers with permanent activities for all people and the quality film at the Leonardo Favio Cultural Center.

Río Cuarto is development for its commitment to the most important industries for the Province of Córdoba. It is Education with its traditional National University of Río Cuarto, encouraging citizens to forge a future and receiving young students to become professionals from all over the country.


Río Cuarto thinks green by stimulating multiple walks such as the "El Espinal" native forest, a reserve to preserve and learn about, as well as the Urban Ecological Park and Lake Villa Dalcar, Sarmiento Park and the beautiful walks Parque Sobremonte and Parque de the coast of the Río Cuarto with its bustling resort.

Río Cuarto is Sport for the multiple disciplines that make our daily entertainment: basketball, soccer, golf as well as motorsports where the Autodromo takes presence and is projected at a national level.

Walking the streets of our city is magical since each house has its history that has made Río Cuarto the beauty of today, each building and each corridor tells the stories of our neighbors.

Finally, in front of the Grand Hotel Río Cuarto, the Plaza General Roca stands out, with its renewed fountain and dry plaza at the same time, it is the space where daily activity converges since the times of the founding of Río Cuarto in 1794.

Río Cuarto is always present in the hearts and times of Argentines. We wait for you.

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Sobremonte 725/35 - Río Cuarto (CBA)
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