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Regional Historical Museum

Discovering Rio Cuarto. We present you the Regional Historical Museum.

Located a few blocks from the Central Plaza, it is a corner of art reference for its large mural Villa Heroica, and historical legacy of the area and the city.

A house dating from the plans of Villa de la Concepción, the original name of Río Cuarto in 1860.

Its large main patio with the gallery and the vine, an architectural beauty, which transports us to the past.

Old house of the marriage of Adela Ordóñez and General Ignacio Hamilton Fotheringham, who gave it as a gift during the desert campaign, to be the center of the command. This is why it was declared a national historical monument.

The museum has five museographic exhibition rooms, four permanent and one temporary called Sala Otegui.

It is entered through the old hallway where its doors, floors and tiles transport us to another era.

The first room is dedicated to the native peoples with their models, dioramas and exhibits, which convey the cultural heritage of indigenous societies, which occupied the lands of our country.

Part of the prehistoric world that inhabited the province of Córdoba today, that is why it is called the Cordovan mega fauna, its lost paradise.

The third room is dedicated to the desert campaign with photos, military memorabilia, art and more images and facts about the Fotheringhams and their family legacy.

In the fourth room we experience what the interior space of a vintage house was like, together with the elements that make it up, furniture, paintings, objects, clothing, photos, etc.

Its architecture preserved in its walls, doors, floors, ceilings, objects, patios will conquer me with its history and will transport me to it to learn more about the area.

That is why this space forms another alternative, where you can experience the cultural resources of Río Cuarto.


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Sobremonte 725/35 - Río Cuarto (CBA)
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