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John Filloy Personal Library

Discovering Rio Cuarto. We present the Juan Filloy Personal Library.

Conforming one more space within the Trapalanda Cultural Center, located on the mezzanine of the municipal building.

Juan Filloy Cordoba, lawyer, judge; a great referent of the literature of his time considered the writer of the three centuries.

He was born in the late 1800s, lived through the 1900s, and died in the early 2000s.

Today we can experience in this space dedicated to its importance, and its passing through our city.

We were chosen by him. The city was chosen by him.

Thanks John!

Today we are nourished by his books written in all their types, we have fun with his palindromes and caricatures, we sit on his furniture, which belonged to his office in the Palace of Justice, in his years as a lawyer and judge in our city.

We can see his typewriter, sketches, writing.

You can consult where to buy Juan Filloy's books, which tell us more about his life and his literary legacy.

Being able to see and know about his personal collection of books, all so interesting that it becomes a space to be, meet and enjoy.

This space forms another alternative where you can experience the cultural resources of Río Cuarto.


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Sobremonte 725/35 - Río Cuarto (CBA)
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