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cathedral church

Third building built in the same space in front of the main square of the city. It dates from 1890 when it is
inaugurated on December 7 in the middle of social, economic, cultural and political progress.

Built under the mandate of the Franciscan order, representing an eclectic style where the Neo-Baroque, neoclassical style predominates on its façade, standing out in its columns composed of the Ionic and Corinthian styles.

Upon entering, we are dazzled by its opaque, golden, dark tones in shades of brown, green, ocher, characteristic of this baroque art, such as the continuous half-barrel ceiling, made up of five edges, with biblical paintings reaching the transept, which is where the naves with its imposing dome intersect, thus giving it the shape of a Latin cross and becoming a beauty of religious architecture, for all ages.

It is consecrated to the Virgin of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Río Cuarto. That is why his image rests on the main altar of the temple.

All its altars are wooden altarpieces covered by a thin sheet of bronze. The ribbed nave is to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Family. Altarpieces that were donated as many other elements of the temple, such as banks, images, the baptistery and money.

They were philanthropists from the beginning of the 20th century. The paintings of Líbero Pierini stand out on one of the side naves, referents of art in the city. They were forming and embellishing through time to the
church, conforming to the cathedral in the oldest of the city.

That is why this space forms another alternative where you can experience the religious resources of Río Cuarto .


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Sobremonte 725/35 - Río Cuarto (CBA)
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